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Yellow ear tag for cattles in Belagavi

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The Cattles in Belagavi now sport a unique status symbol that they wear as a little yellow tag attached to the ear. Like the Aadhaar card for Indian citizens, these tag inserted beneath the skin contain the animal’s basic profile.

Ear tagging program has been restarted in Belagavi district for Cattles that have been discontinued due to the Corona virus and lockdown.

The radio-frequency enabled ear-tag is a 12-digit unique identification number, like the Aadhaar, affixed as a yellow tamper-proof tag inside the ear of animals like cows and buffaloes. a total of 13 lakhs of cattles to get tag. Prior to the appearance of Covid-19, total of 6.50 lakh cattles got yellow tags. And For the rest of cattles, tags were recently supplied.

The Centre, which launched the scheme two years ago largely to keep the animals in good health and check their illegal trade, has made ear-tagging compulsory and farmers are charged nothing for this.

According to officials, it can effectively deal with the problem of rising stray cattle by identifying and punishing the owners of abandoned cattle.

The Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH) has collaborated on a program developed by the National Dairy Organization (NDDB).

INAPH software monitors progress of project

The small subcutaneous chip contains the concerning animal’s entire profile like its date of birth, gender, breed, lactation cycle, the amount of milk it gives, the vaccination it requires and has been given, the owner’s name and address, etc, – Officials said.

Tagging helps farmers and owners identify their animals lost during natural calamities like floods, or when they are stolen or transported illegally within or outside the country. The tag can tell which district or state the animal belongs to.

Also by instantly scooping the details of the owners from the radio frequency identification-based ear-tags, there is every possibility to identify and fine the people abandoning their cattle.

Best Examples : Municipal corporations, like in Surat in Gujarat and Bhubaneswar in Odisha, are making successful use of ear-tagging system to identify and punish owners of abandoned cattle,” sources said.

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