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Anil Benake proposes flyover from KLE to Gogte Circle & Gandhi Nagar to RC circle

Mla Anil Benake on monday submitted a request letter to Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari during his visit to Belagavi regarding various road and flyover works of Belagavi.

Must Do:


Fly over proposals : 1) Construction of fly over from NH 4 at KLE Hospital to Gogte Circle near Railway station. 2) Construction of Fly over from NH4 at Gandhi Nagar to SH 20 Rani Channamma Circle.

Formation of new roads 1) Between Kanabargi to Basavan Kudachi i.e., SH 54 to SH 20, 2) Construction of CC road from NH 4 service road to SH 20 road Basavan Kudachi

Road Widening and Improvements 1) Basavan Kudachi to Alarwad Road 2) Devraj Uras Colony KHB to NH4.

Hon. Minister has Assured to implement in future projects, in the presence of Hon. CM of Karnataka, he said