Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Vehicular movement between Belagavi-Kolhapur suspended due to rain

The Bengaluru-Pune National Highway-4 have been closed on Friday amid consistent rain across the district for past few days.

Heavy rain across the region raised a flood scare once again in Belagavi district. The movement of vehicles on NH-4 between Belagavi-Kolhapur near Yamagarani in Nippani Taluk in Belagavi district have been closed by police as safety precaution. the barricades have been putup in a 2-KM distance from the flood area.

As many as 13 bridge-cum-barrages were submerged. Approach roads to Jatrat, Bhivashi, Bhoj, Karadaga, Akkol, Sidnal, Naganur, Gotur, Mamadapur, Bhojwadi, Kunnur, Mallikwad and Dattawad and surrounding villages were cut off due to submergence of bridge-cum-barrages. However, there were alternative routes and commuters did not suffer, officers said.

Belagavi district administration advised to vecant the houses near the rivers.

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