UV Sterilizer Box – Developed by Belagavi-Based ATTIS

Belagavi is set to welcome its first, homegrown ultraviolet ray contactless sanitisers, in a bid to aid the fight against Covid-19. Built by Belagavi-based ATTIS systems along with the engineering students of Jain Engineering.

The UV-C sanitiser suits PM Modi’s new ‘vocal for local’ initiative. It costs about Rs 2,360. Which will be available in the company’s store at Congress road.

The box is equipped with a tube light that emits ultraviolet rays. Keep sanitized items in the box and lid. The ultraviolet light emitted from the tubelight destroys viruses in just a few minutes. Water, vegetables, clothing, banknotes, helmets and electronics can be sanitized in a box.
This technology has been accepted by many organizations, including the World Health Organization, the National Academy of Science, and Columbia University. "We are already sanitizing factories and hospitals using UV-Lite technology abroad," said Bharat Kudachi, representative of ATTIS Systems Company.
The Box was developed under the Central Government's Make in India project. Dr. Krishnan is a member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Belagavi Jain College of Engineering. Along with the help of Dr. Anil Shirahatti, Amit Lobo from Department of mechanical engineering. The box is available for sale and is priced at Rs.2,360 at the company's store on Congress Road in Belagavi. For more information contact 9004994981

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