Traffic diversions in Belagavi due to poll counting

Belagavi traffic department has decided to divert the traffic from certain roads of Belagavi on Monday because of poll counting.

The poll counting of the Belagavi Corporation elections will be started at B K Model High school in Camp area on Monday morning. So, the traffic department has decided to divert the traffic from 6am on Monday till the counting and Final results are announced.

Several people from different political parties and Public in the spot will gather at the spot so to avoid traffic problems the department has diverted traffic .

Routes diversion :

1) Heavy vehicles moving towards Belagavi city from Khanapur have to go via Military Mahadev Temple, Shourya Chowk and Gandhi Circle.

2) Heavy vehicles moving towards Khanapur from Channamma Circle, should turn right onto Channamma Circle Ganesha temple and take the club road and reach Congress road via Bachi Cross, Gandhi Circle, Shaurya Chowk, Military Mahadeva Mandir.

3) All vehicles traveling towards Khanapur Road via Pimphala Katta and Patil Galli Shani Mandir will have to take a left turn near Shani Mandir and pass through Kapileshwar Over Bridge, SPM Road, Bank of India, Basaveshwara Circle.

Restricted Routes :

1) Khanapur Road (Mangasooli Khoot to Gogte Circle)

2) Independent Road (St’ Paul’s highschool cross to Gouli Galli cross and High steet road)

3) B K Model School road (Postman circle to BSNL cross)

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