Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Three days complete strict lockdown in Belagavi from June 04

In an attempt to control the rising cases of Covid19, the district administrations has Once again decided Impose complete strict lockdown in Belagavi district for three days from 6am June 04 (Sat) to 6am June 07 (Mon). The move comes as the state government allowed the district administrations to further tighten lockdown norms depending on the ground situation.

Starting with 04 June, 6am to 07 June 6am the strict lockdown will be imposed in the district in order to curb the spread of Covid 19.

This above order does not apply to the following circumstances. 1) Travelling to hospitals for treatment, essential items such as milk, Medicine supply and purchase 2) For interstate and inter-district freight transport Goods vehicles. 3) Permitted Marriages 4) Food delivery is permitted 5) Only for government officials allowed to attend a government meeting

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