The leadership Hunt for Belagavi MP

It is a huge vacuum in political circle of Belagavi after the sad demise of Late Hon MoSR shri Suresh Angadiji and a district being without MP is like a family without headman.

No sooner the rituals were over for cremation of body in Delhi the people in Belagavi mainly political aspirants started to stir up campaigns to establish themselves for vacant seat to occupy.

Some rumours that mercy vote would incline towards family candidate started in regional level political forums, saying why not again a ticket for Angadi family, on the contrary not everyone is ready to buy this exception, As Angadiji being a strong leader someone wanting to ensure a puppet MP in his place.

The above sentiments are prevailing in social media too, and everybody started drawing the lines of Hon MP Ananth Kumar of south Bangalore. After his demise not his wife but a young youth leader Tejesvi Surya can be given a ticket then Why not similarly a young ground level worker in Belagavi a fire brand leader Rajeev Topananvar be nominated then.

The leadership in centre no more promotes now a days any dynastic kin and kith anymore, this has lead a wide spread speculation among people of Belagavi and is widely looking forward to someone who knows the ground reality, had rallied and known for mass movements of mobilising issue based politics which are need of the hour for city and its people and as well as the whole districts.

File Photo : Rajkumar Topannavar (Left Black Waistcoat) with CM B S Yadiyurappa

Rajkumar Topanavar is editor of newspaper from Belagavi Daily “ Kannaddamma” also runs YouTube channel KNN news network VLOG taking up issue of civic amenities for common support to Public, he has highlighted the delays happening by smart city projects and transparency pertaining to same, besides also emphasise on sustainable development without harming the green patches and site tables for urban local geographical land forms to align with modern drainage mechanism of smart city project. Or else we are all evident today about the city streets flooding due to rains.

In the modern age of today’s world where data is cheaper then water in India, social network is an influential factor, and anything that trends becomes the news, and is that happening with youth and children of Belagavi are asking why a dynastic rule and not an young aspirant of Belagavi, by and large most of the connects on social network are aware of protest and demands that Rajkumar Topanaver has taken up so far in the interest of city and district, off late his KRV stance of pro Kannada turned out towards more liberal approach and positive stands where the younger generation never looks for such issue anymore or get driven away by any such misadventures my miscreants to spoil the peace and harmony in city, so KNN now do have a Marathi channel as well, and the message is clear the youth must be heard.

File photo : Rajkumar Topannavar discussing with PM Narendra Modi regarding Development of Belagavi

So taking the words brewing in the circles of social media, where youth of city and district would like to see a young blood and force in a party then a typical dynastic rule and puppet MP, will the voice reach to Delhi and the state leadership will heed to hear the voice high locally.

…let leave it on a time for a while and thrive for an young MPS

Article by Satish Kumar

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