The Camera-Obsessed Man Who Lives in a Camera-Shaped House

In Belagavi City, there’s a man who loves cameras so much that he built a 3-story camera-shaped house. Not only that, but he also named his three sons Canon, Nikon, and Epson.

49-year-old professional photographer Ravi Hongal spent over 70,00,000 building his unusual dwelling, which features a lens, flash, film reels, memory card, and viewfinder on its facade. The inner rooms are reportedly camera-themed as well.The house is so bizarre-looking that it has become something of a tourist attraction in Hongal’s town. It would also be a perfect building to turn into a working giant camera.

Some people take their love for a certain aspect too far and make sure that everything in their life is about them. So much so, that their personal choices are affected by it. It shows in the way they present themselves in various ways. Right from dressing up to the family to even building a house around that obsession.

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