Stray Cattle menace in Belagavi City

The stray cattle menace seems to be upsetting the flow of traffic in Belagavi. It has become a big threat not only for pedestrians to walk but also for the commuters either in cars or public transport.

Not only do these stray cattle pose danger to the lives of commuters, they are also a major curb in a smooth flow of traffic. Many a time, stray cattle can be seen sitting on the dividers and in the middle of roads, leading to traffic jams.

Stray cattles sitting in the middle of the road in Shri Nagar

The situation is dangerous mainly during the night time, as animals sitting in the middle of the road are hardly visible and pose a serious risk to commuters. Cows, especially at night, are a menace when they cannot be seen sometimes under street lights, they pose danger to themselves and vehicles mostly at corners and blind spots during sharp turns.

Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) has failed to utilise the solution created by Belagavi Smart City Ltd (BSCL). To get rid of the stray cattle. BSCL Constructed Cattle rehabilitation center in Shri nagar Rani Chennamma society area, where the stray cattle will be seized and put in this centre, but unfortunately even after a year of completion, facility not being utilised.

Cattle Rehabilitation center at Shri Nagar Chennamma Society area

The worst affected areas where the stray cattle have caused problems include KhadeBazaar, Bogarves road, Maruti galli, Kelkarbhag and Bhaji Market where these cows are found roaming very freely, thus blocking the smooth flow of traffic and creating problems for pedestrians / vehicles.

Hope BCC take proper action and utilise facility created by BSCL as soon as possible and make traffic move smoother.

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