Start trains between Belagavi – Mangaluru & Goa – Iranna Kadadi

Rajya Sabha member Iranna Kadadi has demanded South Western Railway officials to resume all Belagavi-centric trains that have been suspended due to conversion work of meter gauge into broad guage.

He held a meeting with officials at the South western Railway Hubballi office on Saturday and discussed many issues related to railways. He said, The Minister of State for Railways, Suresh Angadi had proposed many new projects to fulfill long pending demands of this region. He also discussed with the authorities about extending the South Western Railway zone upto Miraj in Maharashtra.

Demands :

For the convenience of farmers, students and tourists, a direct train between Belagavi to Mangaluru should be introduced. This will help for business and commercial growth.

From Belagavi to Goa, there are hundreds of trucks that supply vegetables and milk daily. In view of this, action should be taken to start direct train service to Goa. MP demanded.

Extension of Train :

He said – The Belagavi-Bengaluru super fast express train should be extended to Mysuru, In addition to the purpose of rail travel, tourism can also be facilitated.

He said the cancelled Hubli-Miraj passenger train should be resumed. Replying to him, official’s said – The South Western Railway zone is upto Vijayanagar in Maharashtra, The railway junction is at Miraj. The consent of the central government would be needed to start the train between Hubballi-Miraj.

The Vijayanagar and Miraj railway junction has less distance. So if the South western Railway zone is extended to Miraj, SWR will be able to take decision for many Railway projects. He said he would take further action if a proposal was forwarded to the Center.

Change timings of Rani Chennamma Express :

Kolhapur-Bengaluru Rani Channamma Express, which runs through Belagavi and Hubballi, should start from Miraj. Instead of leaving at 3.30 pm, the train should leave two hours late. This will help people moving to Bengaluru and other cities to reach early. said Iranna Kadadi.

South Western Railway General Manager A.K. Arvind Malakade, Divisional Manager, PCCM Anil Pavithran, CPTM HM. Dinesh, TV Bhushan and other senior officials were present.

Expedite Belagavi – Dharwad new line work :

The Hubli-Miraj railway line doubling, Bridge Cum Barrages work should be completed soon. The new Belagavi-Dharwad railway line, which is a dream project of Suresh Angadi, has been sanctioned. The work should be started as soon as possible.

All the stations between Hubli-Miraj will be upgraded under the doubling project. Rajya Sabha member Iranna Kadadi suggested that all works should be completed in a timely manner.

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