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Sonic boom in Belagavi – it was MIG-29K fighter planes

A mysterious sonic boom sound heard in large parts of Belagavi at 1.30 pm that left residents of the city in confusion was of MIG-29K fighter Aircrafts.

According to Sources, it was Indian Navy’s fighter aircraft MIG-29K of INS Hansa, Pilot was doing a sortie and flew low land. The noise was due to Jet Aircraft being a supersonic plane. Total of 3 Aircrafts flew over Belagavi on friday.

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MIG-29K Aircraft over Belagavi | Social media

What is sonic boom sound and why is it so loud ?

• According to NASA, a sonic boom sound is a thundering noise which is created by aircraft or any aerospace vehicle which flies overhead faster than the speed of the sound.

• These loud sounds are called sonic boom sound as they generate a large amount of sound energy and sound similar to an explosion or a thunderburst.

• Anything that travels faster than the speed of sound is called supersonic.

• When objects travel through the air, the molecules are pushed aside with an immense force which creates a shock wave. These waves are just like the waves created by a boat moving in water.

• The bigger and heavier the aircraft is, the more air it displaces and the more sound it makes. Thus, large supersonic aircraft were known to be specifically loud and startling and even caused damage to some structures in their path of flight. The popular supersonic transport, Concorde aircraft, was the last supersonic aircraft that was banned in October 2003.

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