Smart Solid waste Management – GPS trackers for Garbage collecting vehicles
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Smart Solid waste Management – GPS trackers for Garbage collecting vehicles

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The Belagavi Smart City Limited has installed global positioning system (GPS) tracking devices to the garbage collecting vehicles to monitor garbage transportation.

As many as 99 vehicles have been fitted with GPS devices. The devices will help in constant monitoring of garbage transfer and help identify route deviations.

According to Smart city engineering officials, GPS trackers have already been fitted in 99 vehicles which can be monitored from the BSCL’s Intelligent Command Control Centre (ICCC).

The GPS device will provide information like the location of the parked vehicle, the route driver takes, speed of the vehicle. It will also alarm the monitoring room if the vehicle doesn’t take the designated route. If any violations are found e-penalty will be imposed and a certain amount will be deducted from the contractor’s bill.

The system will also generate summaries related to various components such as trip summary, ignition summary, schedule graph, and work hour summary. This will help keep track of fuel-related expenditure.

The Vehicles collects an estimated quantity of 240 tonnes of garbage every day. Vehicles after collecting garbage from households, commercial units and streets, first it is transferred to Compactors before transferring it to the Waste treatment plant in Turmuri.

The Compactor vehicle that brings garbage to the Waste treatment plant will be first weighed in weighing bridge and information like vehicle number, arrival time and quantity of garbage will be will be registered and that information will be immidietly sent to ICCC. Smart city has also setup 3 Cameras to monitor these activities.

Video on Smart Solid waste management


  • Effective Waste Management
  • Enhanced Vehicle & Driver Safety
  • Decreased Overtime
  • Reduced Operational Costs
  • Evaluate the performance of drivers
  • Organized Methods of Work

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