Smart City Bus Terminal

SMart city bus terminal

Belagavi Smart bus terminal work
Old CBT passenger platforms demolished

High Tech features

  • Area: 8382.6 Sq M, No of floors: B+LG+UG+3
  • Transit areas with bus bays – 28 (20 Angular, 8 linear)
  • Retail stores – 2906.55 Sq m – Upper ground floor Commercial office space on the First floor – 2595.94 Sq m. Restaurant on the Second Floor Commercial space for NWKRTC 2/3 floor – 3257.8 Sq
  • The basement will parking facility for 133 Cars and 51 Two wheeler’s (there is a separate two wheeler’s parking facility at the bus station.
  • Subway connection to Bus terminus
  • Lower Ground Floor will have 28 Bus parking bays Upper Ground floor will have vehicular entry to the basement and main waiting area with shops and escalators.
  • First and Second Floor will have commercial space for NWKRTC office Third Floor and Terrace will have commercial space