Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Severe sewage drainage over flow in Shri Nagar

Belagavi City Corporation, Ward No.52, Double Road, Shri Nagar, Belagavi – 590016. Drainage water including human feces flows out of Manhole like water springs out from the Manhole in the above area since 15 days.

It emanating very bad intolerable smell to the residents of this area. Our efforts to bring to the notice of the Belagavi City Corporation and Belagavi smart city authorities to get sewage drainage pipes repaired failed miserably.

When he had been directed to call Smart city Authority, He said ‘we will visit spot’ but haven’t done yet.

This continues for the last two weeks. also This type of condition prevails on all rainy days in most of areas . It spreads epidemic diseases. The smart city works brought big headache for the residents here. Drainage got blocked during smart city work caused this issue. sewage water flowing like waterfall from Divider where manhole is present.

We earnestly request the Government of Karnataka officials concerned to direct the Belagavi City Corporation authorities to do the needful to arrest the overflowing sewage water which flows like Waterfalls in this area very urgently.

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