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Re-survey causes delay in Belagavi-Dharwad new railway line project

The new railway line between Belagavi and Dharwad via Kittur which is long pending demand may face further delay as the project is now undergoing a change and re-survey of the project alignment.

Earlier, the survey was completed and the Detailed Project Report (DPR) was finalized at Rs 927 crore. The Central Government has approved the project cost proposal in 2019.

However, a lot of agricultural land in KK Koppa village of Belagavi taluka need to be acquired. To avoid this, Track alignment should be on adjacent state-owned land. This will reduce the distance by at least 5-6 km. Belagavi Representatives had suggested that the plan would save on costs.

South Western Railways (SWR), which has taken it positively, has decided to conduct route survey again and proposed an additional Rs 250 crore in addition to the project cost. Rajya Sabha member, Iranna Kadadi from Belagavi has objected to this. when there is government land, and reduce in length of track, why the additional Rs 250 crore ? He questioned

He has advised to reexamine and ensure that the cost does not increase. Railway officials have promised to take another look at this suggestion from the representatives. But this work has not yet begun. This has led to the dissatisfaction of the representatives.

How much land is required for this project ?:

The construction of this new railway line requires a total of 827.78 acres (335 hectares) of land. The total length of this route is 73 km. It requires 255.93 acres From 7 km to 26 km in the Dharwad district. And it requires 601 acres land from 26 km to 73km in Belagavi district which land were previously estimated. It is assumed that re-survey around K.K. Koppa would require more land.

Survey Work in Dharwad District completed ;

Revenue Department officials of Dharwad have completed their work very quickly compared to Belagavi district. Land survey for Dharwad district railway line is almost completed. Subsidiary Superintendent Dr Krishnan Nair said the proposal of Land compensation amount for the farmers is being prepared at a cost of Rs 22 crore – Said Subdivisional Officer B. Gopalakrishna.

MP Iranna Kadadi had earlier written a letter to reconsider the railway alignment near the Rajhansgad in Belagavi taluk. When this was checked, We felt that this would increase the cost as the tunnel may be needed to be drilled. In addition, it is being investigated whether it is possible to make alternative alignments with less land and no extra cost said Anish Hegde, Public Chief Executive Officer of the South-western Railway Zone.

Source : Tv9

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