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Pink toilets to be constructed for womens in Belagavi City

Pink toilets in Greater Noida City

IF all goes according to the plan, women in the city will be having dedicated public toilets as the city corporation has plans to build 20 pink toilets complying with recom- mendations of ‘City Sanitation Plan‘(CSP), an agency outsourced by the government.

This follows a survey conducted by the agency which collected opinions of people about required basic infrastructural facilities and measures to be taken to keep the city clean with a vision for next 25 years. The maiden meeting on preparing the ‘City Sanitation Plan’ was held in January last to discuss and collect feedback from of ficials and stakeholders.

Now, it has prepared a draft where it has zeroed in on those areas devoid of public toilets for women and recom mended for building 20 pink toilets exclusively for women, besides building similar number of toilets-blue toilets for the men. The plan also suggests construction of underground drainage in the entire city. Besides, the agency has also collected feedbacks on door-to-door segregated garbage collection, lifting of garbage from public places and many other measures re lated to sanitation

“The plan was expected to be tabled in March same year, but the entire process was stalled due to Covid-19 crises. However, the agency has continued the survey on sanitation in the city.” sources said.

Sanjay Dumgol, Health Of ficer of Belagavi City Corporation, said, “Based on the outcome of the Survey, agency has mooted some plans with a roadmap for the next 25 years. With reference to the suggestions, we will in clude our ideas before prepar ing a detailed project report (DPR) on city’s sanitation. The proposal will be submit ted to the government for ap proval later,” he said.

Source : TNIE | Report : Sunil Patil

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