Pedestrian Bridge need of the hour at College road

Belagavi is Karnataka’s fifth most populous city and forth-most populous urban agglomeration. Belagavi, the seat of India’s first private aerospace SEZ and well-known as Foundry Capital of India. because of its position as the City is proposed Second Capital of Karnataka. With the increase in population and the expansion of the city, the problem of connectivity of the populace has increased.

The personalized modes of transport have grown rapidly due to a lower growth in the public transportation for the newer areas. The vehicle numbers are mainly dominated by two wheelers and along with the cars personal vehicles.

The fatal injuries and number of persons killed in accidents have remained nearly unchanged during last decade. Pedestrian safety has reduced due to increase in vehicular traffic in recent times in areas near schools, shopping complexes, residential complexes.

The vehicular traffic in dense areas of the growing city puts lot of pressure on the pedestrian movement and it often results into safety concerns of both pedestrian and moving vehicular traffic. Also, in densely populated areas and central business districts, it is one of the most important goals of urban local bodies to improve pedestrian traffic and movement. At the same time long stretches it is important to provide seamless movement to fast moving vehicles without any obstacles such as signals or crossings. Foot over bridges or Sky Walks are one of the most efficient ways to achieve the above objectives of seamless vehicular traffic and safe pedestrian movement.

Belagavi City Corporation need to propose a Skywalk in densely populated spots like near Schools, Colleges and Shopping destinations where vehicular traffic is more. And prepare a financial pre-feasibility of the project to develop sky walks on PPP basis.

Need of Pedestrian Bridge at College Road :

Students crossing road at College road

Belagavi’s college road is one of the most busiest road in the city. Where many Schools, Colleges, Commerical complexes, Function Halls and Has many hotels are present. It has become very dangerous for the students and Pedestrians to cross the road everyday. More accidents & Injuries are common in this stretch. Every week, at least one fatal mishap takes place in the area.

Sometimes a traffic policeman has been posted to regulate the pedestrian crossing in front of the college, especially during the rush hour.

However, whenever traffic halts for a few minutes at this place, a huge traffic snarl follows along the route with hundreds of vehicles lining up. All kinds of vehicles including container lorries and trailers.

Pedestrian bridge is the only best and Safest solution to avoid accidents & escape from heavy traffic. Students and pedestrians in this stretch passing road with fear. As there is no traffic signals nearby where vehicle move with Speed.

City corporation needs to focus more on pedestrian safety and draft a plan for Pedestrian bridge or Skywalk in College road.

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