North Karnataka’s first Advanced flight simulation and Control lab Inaugurated in Belagavi’s GIT College

Advanced flight simulation and Control lab in Department of Aeronautical Engineering KLS GIT, Belagavi was inaugurated by Shri Pradeep Sawkar, Chairman Karnatak Law Society (KLS) Belagavi. It’s the first of it’s kind in North Karnataka.

The main objective of the flight simulator is to evaluate the climb, cruise and glide performance of the fighter and civil jet engine aircrafts.

Students can initiate the aircraft longitudinal (phugoid, short period) and lateral – directional(Dutch roll and spiral) modes.

This simulator works with MATLAB/ SIMULINK software and graphics are developed by using openscenegraph. In this three window flight simulator Head-up display (HUD) and Primary Flight Display ( PFD) are provided to give for better understanding of avionics subject.

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