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North Karantaka’s only Philatelic Bureau unveiled in Belagavi

The Philatelic Bureau Belagavi – The only Philatelic Bureau in North Karnataka, has been unveiled at the main post office in South Telegraph Road in Belagavi.

The Bureau is also the center for issue of commemorative stamps covering 14 districts. The center is decorated with postage stamps to serve the main purpose of developing a hobby of stamp collecting among school-age students and the public. In addition, it has become another tourist attraction in the city.

Photo : Prajavani

What is the Phreatic Bureau ? Under the guidance of North Karnataka Zone Postmaster General Veena R. Srinivas and Belagavi Superintendent SD Kulkarni (who retired a few days ago) this Bureau has been set up. Dharmendra Jayi, Srinivasa R. The team, which includes Chavan and Manjunatha Angadi, has given this bureau to the country as special educational center. The Chief Post Master General of the Karnataka Circle, Sharda Sampath appreciated the concept.

Stamps related to the history of the country and State, heritage, achievement, geographical significance, sports, Great Leaders including Mahatma Gandhiji, great, philosophers, cultural leaders, ancient monuments, flora and fauna, women’s empowerment, postal history, army etc. They are displayed in a way that adorns the mind of the viewer. Rare stamps can be seen here.

Rich Information: Bureau is open to all those who want to know the country’s history, specials, achievements and heritage. It is not just a stamp office or an art gallery, but it is also the site of knowledge.

The Bureau is working on the hobby of stamps to attract today’s students to school and college students. With the co-operation of a small number of senior officials, the country has become a model. It is also the best educational bureau. Head of the Bureau Dharmendra Jayi proudly shared with Prajawani that the stamps displayed here can be used as information on different subjects under one roof and in a short time.

The post stamps issued by the Postal Department have been placed around Mahatma Gandhi’s impressive artwork as part of his 150th birthday.

Release of stamps: The sculpture of the Narasimha of the Halasi in Khanapur taluk, has been released recently with ‘The Permanent postage stamp’ of the Narayana Temple. The department has produced the “Permanent image postage stamp” of The Clock tower of Ganapati Galli, Fort Kamal Basti, Hooli Panchalingeshwara Temple of Savadatti Taluk. This has been done to introduce these sites to the whole world.

The revamped Philatelic Bureau is the centenary of the D K G Kadekodi, who was first to launch a hobby of collecting stamps in the part of North Karnataka. Five special postal envelopes have been released recently are – Ashwatham Temple in Pangul Galli, Navagraha & Neminath of Kamal Basti, RMS Division Co-operative Society which celebrated its centenary.

Kittur Rani Chennamma, Kirloskar, Gangubai Hanagal, Basavanna, Hampi stone chariot, Pandit Bhimsena Joshi, Golagummatta, Mylar Mahadevappa, Sri Krishna Devaraya, Hanagal Kumara Swamiji, etc. Are being displayed in the Gallery.

“It’s also meant to promote tourism in Belagavi. The public, especially students of the school and college, should visit the Bureau. Develop a stamp collecting hobby. This will greatly facilitate competitive testing. Each Stamp tells a lot of history. Says Dharmendra.

Source : Prajavani
Report by : M. Mahesh

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