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Nitin Gadkari announces big bonanza for Belagavi | Rs15,995 Crores for 507km Highway Development

The Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways, and MSME Nitin Gadkari on Friday announced that construction of 13 highway projects of 847 kilometres at a cost of ₹21,000 crore in the North Karnataka region has been approved.

Minister announced big Bonanza for Belagavi district. Out of Rs.21,000 Crores projects in North Karnataka, Rs.15,995 Crores worth Projects sanctioned for Belagavi alone.

Total of 507 km Highway/Road works worth Rs.15,995 sanctioned for Belagavi which will be taken shortly.

Asserting that the Central government was committed to develop highways in the state, Gadkari said a 4-lane ring road would be built at Belagavi to ease vehicular traffic congestion in the city.

Big gifts for Belagavi :

  • Construction of 69 km Four lane Belagavi Ring Road in three packages at the cost of Rs.2,800 Crores
  • Construction of 325 km Belagavi – Hunagunda -Raichur four lane highway at the cost of Whopping 12,500 crores (6 Packages)
  • Widening of the highway between Nippani-Chikkodi (24 km) on National Highway 160 at the cost of  Rs.145 Crores.
  • Construction of highway between Sankeshwar-Muragundi NH-548B (89km) at the cost of 550 crores.

Projects Sanctioned for North Karnataka :

1. Hubballi-Dharwad Bypass – 1200 crores – 30 km

2. Belagavi four lane Ring Road – 69 km – 2800 crores (3 Packages)

3. Belagavi – Hunagunda -Raichur four lane highway – 325km – 12500 crores (6 Phases)

4. National Highway-367 Ameenagad – Bhanapur – 47 Km – 400 crores

5. Widening of the highway between Nikkani-Chikkodi on National Highway 160 – 24km – 145 Crores

6. The construction of a road from Bidar city to the Telangana border – 20 km – Rs 120 crore.

7. Construction of highway between Sankeshwar-Muragundi NH-548B – 89km – 550 crores

8. Thikota-Kanamadi road widening work – 100 km – 100 crores

9. Road widening of Shirur Cross (Bagalkot) to Gaddanakeri – 25 Km – 265 crores

10. Naganasur-Indi road widening – 47 km – 282 crores

11. Road widening of Indy Cross-Vijayapur 55 km – 330 crores

12. Bypass road construction between Naragund & Navalagund – 12km – 264 Crores

Plans are afoot to allocate Rs 21,000 crore for the development of 847km road. Minister has promised that all this work would be undertaken soon.

He assured that the ongoing projects in the North Karnataka region will be completed shortly.

“Karnataka is a progressive State. The Government of India will work hand in hand with the State Government to eradicate poverty by giving impetus to agriculture and industries. In the Transport Sector, priority will be given to the use of green fuel which will benefit the farmers,” he explained.

Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa expressed his happiness for initiating National Highway Projects for the second time in a month in the State.

Solve Land Acquisition Problem:

Meanwhile, construction of the highway has been delayed due to land acquisition. If the state Handover the land, then the highways can be built faster – Gadkari appealed the the chief minister.

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