Saturday, October 16, 2021
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New Discharge policy for Covid Patients in Karnataka


Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar on Wednesday said the state will have a new COVID-19 discharge policy and post-COVID precautions in view of the rising cases of Black Fungus infection.

Speaking to media after holding a meeting with experts on containment of Black Fungus infection, Dr Sudhakar said, “It has been decided to formulate a new discharge policy and post-COVID precautions for patients who have recovered from COVID-19 infection.” “There is more clarity now after meeting with the experts. It has been found that administering steroids in the first week of treatment of COVID-19 is one of the main causes of Black Fungus infection. We need to avoid this and steroids should be administered only from the second week,” the Minister added.

He informed that there are about 95 cases of Black Fungus which are being treated at Bangalore Medical College. 75 cases out of them have either uncontrolled diabetes or have been administered steroids during COVID treatment.

While discharging, COVID patients will ” be tested for the fungus infection and will also be subjected to MRI scan if necessary. All district hospitals have been instructed to have a dedicated post-COVID ward,” he added.

After one week of discharge, COVID recovered persons should get themselves tested here or they can also get a tele-consultation. Every COVID-recovered person will be contacted to check for any symptoms of fungus infection. If symptoms are found, they will be called to hospitals for further diagnosis, said Dr Sudhakar. Post-recovery, patients will be contacted for about 7-15 days based on their condition. It has been found in a preliminary report that the infection is being reported in small hospitals, taluk hospitals, and those under home isolation in some cases.

We will get more clarity in the final ” report. The committee headed by Dr Ambika will soon submit the final report,” the Minister further said. (ANI)

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