MLA Laxmi Hebbalkar adopts three Govt Schools | Schools to go High-Tech soon

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Three government schools in Belagavi Taluk will soon be getting infrastructure push as the Rural Mla Laxmi Hebbalkar adopting them besides planning to develop them at the cost of 74 Lakh Rupees.

MLA has adopted three Schools, Somavva Angadi Karnataka public School in K K Koppa, Government Highschool in Sulebhavi and Marathi Primary School in Belagundi village to develop them as model schools by giving advanced touch.Most of the schools selected by the MLA for adoption are very poor in terms of building conditions and other facilities.

Mla. Laxmi Hebbalkar, Belagavi Rural

She will be going for overall development of these schools to make them compete with the private schools. Couple of years ago, education department has introduced ‘School Adoption Scheme’ under Sarva Shikshan Abhiyan programme, under which one can adopt any number of school by making agreement with the education department. Also recently Chief minister B S Yediyurappa launched a government school adoption programme jointly organized by the State Public Instruction Department and Samagra Shikshana Karnataka

As per proposal submitted, Schools will be equipped with CCTV cameras for safety and other advanced facilities like smart boards, computers, laboratory, furniture, sports equipments etc. Many school buildings are pathetic in condition, which will be repaired besides other things to be focussed are on proper playground, drinking water and toilets.

The Proposal have been submitted to Government, it has to be approved and The grant has to be released.

Grant requested to Govt as per required Development works :

  1. K K Koppa ( Somavva Angadi Karnataka Public School) – ₹18.00 Lakhs
  2. Sulebhavi High School – ₹17.50 Lakhs
  3. Marathi Highschool, Belagundi – ₹21.20 Lakhs

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