Sunday, October 24, 2021
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MLA Abhay Patil directed to tag One Lakh RFIDs in next one month

Belagavi South MLA Abhay Patil today Conducted a meeting in Command And Control room with Smart city officials regarding garbage collection using RFID technology.

Belagavi Smart city has installed RFID tags at 1,10,000 houses, Aim to collect waste from every house from every house by swiping RFID tag which is attached infront of houses. Out of 1 lakh ten thousand installed tags, only 500 are active

The waste is not being collected from every house nor RFID tags are swiped installed.

MLA Abhay patil directed officials to make sure 50,000 RFIDs are tagged in next 15 days and another 50,000 after completion of previous task.

Also he warned if RFID records do not reach the expected figure in ICCC Belagavi, The concerned contractor shall be fined and suitable action will be taken

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