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Mass testing drive in 135 villages across Belagavi district launched simultaneously

The Mass Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) has been launched in all villages of Belagavi district for rapid detection of the Covid.

Belagavi DC MG Hiremath during the launch of the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) on Monday (May 24) at Hulokalli and Hattaragi village in Hukkeri Taluk said that The RAT is scheduled to be held in all the villages for the quick detection of Covid. Rapid antigen testing will also be conducted in the remaining villages. He said a nodal officer has been appointed for each village in the district and a RAT camp is being organized by the village panchayat task force.

The infection is spreading as covid testing and reporting are delayed. To curb this, covid test has been started in villages.
Infection and contact of infected persons will be tested in the respective villages. If the infection is confirmed in the RAT, steps will be taken to immediately Admit them at local covid care centers and treatment would be given.

Villagers with cold and flu symptoms should be tested voluntarily when a health department team organizes a Covid test camp in the village.

No one should be cautious if in RAT, infection is confirmed. Care centers have been set up locally and in taluk to treat the infected.
District Collector Hiremath said the treatment for the infected people were being provided free of cost as per the government guidelines.

Infection in two village:

In the Hallolli village of Hukkeri Taluk , 39 people were found infected when the Rapid Antigen Test was conducted. Two of them infected people were immediately sent to the Covid care center. The remaining 37 persons were reported negative, but if there were any symptoms, their sample would be sent for RT-PCR examination, said District Collector Hiremath.

Door-to-door Awareness campaign :

At the same time, MG Hiremath, District Collector, traveled through the village of Hulloli and made the villagers aware of Covid. Talking to members of village panchayat, Asha and Anganwadi activists, he said that they should be immediately referred to Covid care centers with the persuasion of the infected. Then he visited some family members in isolation in the Janata Colony and inquired about health.

Border check-post verification:

The Collector then inspected the border check post at the Ullagaddi-Khanapur, which connects the state of Maharashtra.
DC visited Hattaragi village and inspected the control measures. In the village of Hattaragi, the Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) was done for those who were infected and those who were in contact with infected.

Rapid Antigen test across the district launched :

The Village Level Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) has been launched in the district from Monday (May 24) to prevent spread of Covid.

Under the guidance of Darshan H.V., Chief Executive Officer, District Panchayat. Rapid antigen tests were conducted in villages of Bailahongala Taluk.

Similarly, the raid was conducted in different parts of the district under the aegis of Deputy Superintendents and Deputy Heads.
Kovid test camps will be conducted through a village level task force, said District Health and Family Welfare Officer Dr SV Munya.

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