Lifts at Belagavi railway station made functional after passenger raised complaint on Twitter | Resolved within 24 hours

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Good news for passengers, Lifts at City railway station are now made functional. The passengers who were facing inconvenience as lifts installed were not in working condition. Notably, after inauguration, lifts were made operational for sometime before being stopped.

Twitter has today become a channel for passengers to reach out to the Railways, One of the Resident/Passenger from Belagavi had asked Railways to operate lifts on Twitter by tagging officials as elderly people facing lots of inconvenience. Responding to the complaint raised, Railways made Both lifts functional within 24 hours of raising complaint.

Indian Railways has picked “Twitter” as its major tool to assist the railway passengers. The idea was brought by the former Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu in the year 2016 to help the passengers and to redress their grievances concerned to Indian Railways. This has really helped the passengers as the feedback service is very fast. Travellers find this platform a blessing and started twitting their complaints and suggestions.

The passenger amenities at Belagavi railway station are good but the travelling public is often troubled by the malfunctioning of lifts that connect the platforms. The station has Two lifts linking up the 3 platforms, were in a state of disrepair since 2 years.

Notably, there are no ramps to reach the platforms at the railway station. As a result, passengers/visitors have to take the stairs. Physically disabled, elderly and women carrying children have to face a lot of inconvenience.

The installation work of two lifts was completed and inaugurated on December 25, 2018 by Late Suresh Angadi and we’re operationalised on December 30, 2018. The railway authorities were failed to make it operational. Later, lifts were made operational for sometime before being stopped again. However railways started functioning lifts once again which has brought smile on the passengers.

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