Saturday, October 16, 2021
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International standard Indoor Stadium at Yallur village

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The South constituency Mla Abhay Patil planning to build an international level indoor stadium on a 40-acre government land in Yalur village in Belagavi

As part of this, the Commissioner of Sports Department Srinivas inspected the Land on Monday.

Speaking to media, he said the city has made mark in international level in the foundry industry and Education fields. Similarly, we want to develop the city in the sports field as well. The Government has come forward to build an indoor stadium in the village of Yallur in collaboration with the central and state governments. Will be implementing this project soon.

There are a large number of athletes in Northern Karnataka. If a well-equipped indoor stadium is built in Belagavi, all sports other than cricket will be allowed in the same area. In addition, athletes will receive training here. With this Belagavi will also grow economically.

There is no such indoor stadium in South India. “It is a matter of pride that it is being built in Belagavi and the government has approved it,” he said.

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