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Indian Railways Rescue Mentally Disturbed women & her child in New Delhi Station

On 6th Sep, A Mentally Disturbed women along with her four year old child boarded train at Belagavi Railway station and reached New Delhi Station. Parents of a lady approached railway officials with a request to find their daughter & child who boarded train.

A lady is from Machhe village of Belagavi Taluka

Snehal Kamble, SWR Arakshan supervisor MoSR Cell recieved a message at around 10pm that a Lady and her child took a train from Belagavi Railway Station goes missing. Immediately Snehal Kamble contacted DPG Praveen Kataraki, Inspector Mohit Panwar, Dinesh Kumar IPF And Surendra Prakash Protocol Inspector to Hon. MoSR. as soon as information reached officials, railway staff were instructed to search both Lady and daughter. with the help of CCTV fortunately both were found sleeping in Platform number 5 in Delhi station. These all action took place within half an hour of receiving a complaint.

Railway staff took care of Both Lady and a small girl whole night and also arranged food for them and Next day railway officials sent them back to Belagavi all the way from Delhi without charging single rupee.

The family later thanked Indian Railways for thier helping nature and care towards passengers. MoSR Suresh Angadi appreciated the staff and officials who were part of rescue.

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