Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Indian Army Modifies Tale of world war II era Sherman DD Amphibious combat tanks in Belagavi

When you Heads towards Mandoli, which is situated outside the Belagavi city. you will Spot War II era war tanks on the way. Which attracts you the most.

There are two tanks, piece of history, which were totally neglected, rusting in peace without any protection. There was no display board or any info why these two are here.

Tanks which were in rusted condition are now Modified by Painting and Cleaning tanks and It’s surroundings by Military administration after 50 years of Negligence which is now attracting people and It has turned selfie point.

Info Boad – Now Army Administration has also installed display board with Information of the tank and they have mentioned to maintain sanctity of the War and Honour National Pride.

About the tanks: These tanks are Sherman M type of tanks (mostly Duplex Drive, better known as DD), manufactured during 1944. Many key parts (gun mounts, periscopes etc) are missing from this. Only the structure is intact.

Why these are here?: As per the Information, these are part of 1961 Operation Vijay, war against Portuguese to liberate Goa. during the war or after the war they are damaged, could not find a further shelter and lying here ever since.

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