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ICCC at Belagavi operationalised – ‘MyBelagavi’ App launched

Team Belagavi Smart City at ICCC in Vishweshwarayya Nagar

Belagavi Smart City is one of the seven smart cities in Karnataka. Belagavi Smart city finally operationalised ICCC after 8 months of inauguration. launch of the ICCC is part of Belagavi Smart City, which was selected by Smart City Mission, Government of India in the first round of selection.

The Integrated Command and Control Centers (ICCC) of Belagavi Smart City, a major component of the Smart City Project. is already being used as a war room for the administrators to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the officials, the ICCC is being to manage the city’s deficiencies and provide speedy communication to the people. The center was built at a cost of Rs 45.99 crore. The center has latest communication system.

The ICCC is envisaged to be the brain for city operation, exception handling, and disaster management. The sensors and edge devices will capture and generate real time data from various utilities such as water, waste management, energy, mobility, the built environment, education, healthcare and safety. ICCC as a platform through its different layers and components will act as a decision support system (DSS) for the city administration to respond to the real-time events by consuming data feeds from different data sources and by processing information out of the data sets.

Belagavi Citizen app : ‘Belagavi Citizen’ App offers the easiest & fastest way to resolve complaints raised by Belagavi Citizens. Govt services, Smart solutions, Weather & More features available in this app

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Tracking on Waste Disposal: Waste collection and disposal of traffic from homes are handled in a modern system, including RFID tag, online tracking, route optimizer. Discharge is detected by the CCTV camera.

Smart mobility : Buses equipped with GPS to enable tracking system which enables Passengers to track buses through the app. Bus shelters equipped with Wifi, Display sign boards to make Passengers know about upcoming bus and timings , Cctv cameras in every bus shelter. The city transport rate, bus movement and routes are conveyed through Display Mort. It can also be accessed through Belagavi Citizen App.

Traffic Management : Traffic signals at many junctions are now functional and are operated from ICCC Belagavi Traffic personnel are informed on what route, how much traffic is involved, and the use of replacement lanes.

Smart Poll: Smart Poll provides information on pollution status and weather. The smart polls include three CCTV cameras and a panic button. These buttons are used for protection when troubled women press these buttons. The Smart Poll also helps with traffic congestion. Traffic personnel are informed on what route, how much traffic is involved, and the use of replacement lanes.

The ICCC supplements to provide water supply information and prevent water loss. Complaints can be remedied through e-governance. An ambulance is a fire truck system that informs the public of fire disasters and accidents through Citizen App.

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