Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Free Covid treatment at Private hospitals and Flood Preparedness meeting held in Belagavi

All necessary arrangements have been made by the government for the treatment of Covid, including oxygen and medicine. Deputy Chief Minister and District Incharge Minister Govinda Karajol has strictly instructed that the treatment and care of the infected should not be a problem.

He was speaking at an Video conference with senior officials on Monday (May 31) at the City Circuit House for Covid and Flood Management in the district.

“There have been many complaints about BIMS Hospital. This should be taken immediately. District officials and BIMS directors have been told that negligent doctors and other medical personnel should be discharged from service without due diligence.” Said Karjol

District authorities are empowered to take action under the Disaster Management Act. Doctors and other staff members who have been discharged in such a difficult situation should be discharged from service. If it is not possible for the BIMS director to submit a report to the sheriff; The minister said the district authorities would take action against such people.

“All kinds of treatments should be given for infected people, including black fungus; If patients die in hospitals, the body must be handed over to their family within One Hour; At BIMS, Treatment should be prioritised for BPL cardholders.” Minister instructed

“Black fungus cases are increasing in the district. In order to reduce the burden on the BIMS physicians regarding the treatment of infected, private physician services should be sought on a case-by-case basis.”

Free treatment for infected people in private hospitals:

If all Covid beds are occupied at BIMS, the new patients should be sent to private hospital registered under Ayushmann India-Health Karnataka scheme.
Minister Govind Karajola said that even in such hospitals, the infected will be treated free of charge.

Referring to the information on vaccination, the minister said that those who have already received the first dose should be given a second dose of vaccination.

Flood Warning Action:

It is estimated that the rainy season is about to begin and floods will occur in 377 villages along the river bank. District incharge minister Govind Karajol instructed the officials to take steps to ensure the safety and rehabilitation of the people of the village in an emergency.

This time, Covid also has a larger number of care centers than ever before. Preparations must be made to provide shelter and medical facilities to people seeking refuge in the care center.

Information exchange of reservoir level:

Should make Continuous monitoring of the reservoir level of neighboring Maharashtra. Minister Govind Karajol said that the officials of the respective state departments should exchange information on the level of the reservoirs and the release of water.

He also directed the authorities to keep a stockpile of TC, conductor, power poles, wires and other accessories in advance.

Presenting the preparations for flood management, District Collector MG Hiremath explained that steps have been taken to set up 500 care centers for the protection and temporary rehabilitation of 377 villages affected by floods.

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