Flower Auction center finally blooms in Belagavi
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Flower Auction center finally blooms in Belagavi

Flower Auction Centre which was built in Ashok nagar at the cost of 2 crores near National Highway-4 in Belagavi city to facilitate flower growers and help flower cultivation to flourish has been Commissioned after 20 Months, Belagavi North MLA Anil Benake Inaugurated.

The main objective of the auction centres was to introduce a “rational, scientific and reliable” market system for wholesale marketing of flowers in traditional flower growing areas of the state. The auction centres would protect farmers’ interests from unhealthy trade practices and boost their morale and indirectly help flower cultivation to flourish in the state. Increasing demand for flowers and improved supply position due to better practices required a strong marketing medium which is the main reason behind establishing this centre here. According to Horticulture department.

The center was built with grants of 2 crores under the National Agricultural Development Scheme from the Horticulture Department near Ashok nagar, Next to National Highway-4 in 1.1 Acres of land. took 2 years to build this center. Building got inauagurated by then Forest Minister Satish Jarkiholi on 22nd February 2019, though works were completed in December 2018. and later horticulture dept. handovered centre to Belagavi City Corporation for maintainance. due to lack of co-ordination delayed in commissioning.

Facilities :

Building has 16 rooms which includes – The office room, training center, processing unit, rest room and canteen room are built in the flower auction center. Cold stoarge facility also been provided. Furnishings and equipments required for the flower auction center have been installed at the cost of 50 lakhs.

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