Flights movement-Belagavi airport ranks second in the state

In the midst of the gloom in the aviation industry, Belagavi has something to cheer about. Belagavi airport has once again emerged as the second busiest airport in the state of Karnataka in terms of flights movement, as per latest statistics released by the Airports Authority of India.

The Belagavi airport handled 492 flights in the month of May, While Mangaluru International airport handled 440 flights including International during the Covid second wave lockdown period.

The airport has witnessed flight services blooming and also being stopped for various reasons earlier. Since the airport was renovated and expanded, commuters on various routes have patronized the airport and flights with good occupancy had been operating.

Though Flights were allowed to commute in the country during the lockdown, Commuters were less. From May 01 to 31, 492 operations were conducted and 11,271 passengers commuted from/to Belagavi. The airlines had also suspended flights on few routes during the lockdown due to low occupancy. The Belagavi airport witnesses 2MT cargo movement in May month. The Flights operated were of RCS and non-RCS routes.

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Statistics of Karnataka airports

Statistics of Karnataka airportsBengaluru International Airport stands first in state in both passenger footfall and aircraft movements that is 3,97,085 and 6356 respectively. Mangaluru International Airport stands second in passenger footfall and third in case of aircraft movements that is 23,412 and 440 respectively. Belagavi Airport stands third in case of passenger footfall and second in case of aircraft movements that is 11,271 and 492 respectively. Followed by Hubballi airport, 4474 and 202, Kalaburagi airport -3483 and 155, Mysuru Airport – 1951 and 224, Vijayanagar airport – 1074 and 68, Bidar airport – 697 and 34.

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