Festival special train between Tirupati – Kolhapur via Belagavi from Today

South Western Railway has decided to run Tirupati-Kolhapur-Tirupati, a festival special train, from today.

Train number 07415, Tirupati-Kolhapur, will run from October 28 to November 16, while train number 07416, Kolhapur Tirupati will operate from October 30 to November 18.

This train will depart from Tirupati at 9 pm, arrive/depart Belagavi next day at 11:25/11:30 am and reach Kolhapur at 16:35. In return, it will depart from Kolhapur at 11:30 am, arrive/depart Belagavi at 03:45/03:50 pm and reach Tirupati next day at 8 am.  

Maintenance: Rake will be maintained at TPTY and BPC to be issued as TPTY – KOP TPTY.

Composition: 02 SLR + 02 GS + 12 GSCN + 03 ACCN + 01 ACCW + 1 FACCW = 21

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