Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Electric Vehicle to Collect Garbage waste in Belagavi

City Corporation Commissioner K H Jagadish

The city may soon see use of electric vehicles by the Belagavi City Corporation for door-to-door waste collection.

The Corporation plans to buy one small vehicles in the dimensions of mini goods carriers to be deployed for door-to-door waste collection.

Next week city corporation planned to buy one E-Vehicle to conduct trials. Based on performance more vehicles will be purchased to serve some of the wards. E-Vehicle will be purchased from grant of 15th Finance Commission for FY 2020-21.

Charging facility : Once Vehicle charged fully, vehicle can be operated upto two days according to E-Motion Automative. Vehicle has has battery of capacity 400Mh & 1000 Watt. 4 units of power can travel upto 80 Km.

Cost of Running with the diesel-powered vehicles for Corporation is high. Running e-vehicles, would reduce the fuel bill considerable financial strain on the Corporation’s resources.

E-Motion Automotive in Airport Road, Near Basavana kudachi gave demo to City Corporation Commissioner K H Jagadish on Thursday.

We already have Auto Tippers, Hence these e-vehicles wont be allotted to all wards, but we planned to utilise them only for few areas and test the capacity and performance. Based on performance we will purchase more vehicles in coming days Says K H Jagadish, Commission of Belagavi City Corporation.

Cost and Capacity : This battery-operated vehicle cost is about Rs 2.2 lakhs and is smaller than Tata Ace. and Capable of carrying waste upto 400kg. vehicle also provides two compartments for Dry and Wet wastes.

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