Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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E-waste unit at Khasbag shutdown

The e-waste unit in the city’s Khasbag area has been shut down under the direction of the National Green Tribunal in view of environmental pollution control. Thus the process of door-to-door collection of e-waste from houses has been completely halted.

E-waste is being thrown everywhere in the city. Damaged batteries, obsolete electronic materials, and e-waste have added acid, lead, chromium and other harmful substances to the soil and are damaging the environment.

To prevent this, the National Green Tribunal had directed urban local bodies to open a separate e-waste unit. In this backdrop, The Belagavi City Corporation has started a private e-waste collection center in Khasbag. City corporation was also raising awareness for government offices, schools and banks to deliver e-waste to a separate unit of e-waste. But, now the unit is being shut. Door-to-Door e-waste is not being collected due to Covid. The separate e-waste unit has been temporarily shut down, officials said.

A separate e-waste unit opened in Khasbag has been shut down due to various reasons. The unit will start operation again in 10-15 days. said Jagadish, Belagavi City corporation commissioner.

Source – Vijayavani

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