e-toilets are now stinking hubs in Belagavi

Belagavi City Corporation had installed Seven coin operated e-toilets in the city three years back. And it has spent Rs.7 lakhs for each of these toilets. sadly none of these are working now.

These e-toilets are now in a poor, unhygienic state with defunct and choked flushes, like majority of basic public toilets in the city. The drains are clogged with filth emitting unbearable stink.

And not to forget, Many people didn’t know how to use these e-toilets. Ever since these e-toilets were set up in Belagavi, there had been no awareness about them. Many didn’t even know what these kiosks are for.

How smart ? One can use these toilets by inserting a Rs 5 coin. Water will be sprinkled automatically inside the toilet after a user goes out of it. The toilet will have automatic LED lamps which turn only when a user enters. All these toilets are GPS enabled and BCC can track how many people use it in a day and the amount of water they used.


For the first few months, they were maintained well. Their doors opened upon insertion of any of the coins, after use, water flushed the toilet bowls, there was a tap to wash hands, and the red light glowed when someone occupied the toilets. But now, due to lack of maintenance, these are not in working condition.

The sensors of the these e-toilets have not been functional and green or red light indicators do not glow. The doors can be opened without coin, and the tank has no water.

Belagavi City Corporation has totally neglected these toilets after installation, stopped monitoring these toilets since a year ! Looks like money flushed down the toilet !!!!

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