Drinking Water Project 24×7

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24×7 Drinking water Project

2016 –

Water scarcity in Belagavi city which has made the lives of residents here miserable for decades, will soon be a thing of the past.

After successful implementation of a World-Bank sponsored 24/7 project in select areas of the city, the government is gearing up to implement the project in the whole of Belagavi city. According to World Bank officials, all areas of Belagavi city will be getting drinking water round-the-clock from 2021. An estimated Rs 663 crores will be spent on the project that will get underway soon.

After finding it tough to supply water from Rakkaskoppa reservoir, which was the only water source for the city for many decades, the government launched the WB-sponsored project (pilot phase) in the city a decade ago and succeeded in tapping excess water needed for the city from Hidkal dam. As expected, the pilot phase implemented in only 10 wards of the city, was a huge success encouraging the government to extend the project to the entire city. An excess of 1.70 tmc water needed for the upcoming project will be drawn from Hidkal dam.

Funds amounting to Rs 236 crore, a major chunk of the project cost, will be borne by World Bank and will be released to the state at a lesser rate of interest while the state and Centre will share Rs 308 crore and the City Corporation will contribute Rs 120 crore, according to sources.

Rajesh Balasubramanya, a senior official from World Bank’s Water and Sanitation Division, said the companies taking up the works through tenders, will have to complete the entire project within four years and take the responsibility of managing the project for a period of eight years after implementation.

According to Balasubramanya, the project will be implemented in association with the government and the City Corporation. Mayor Kiran Sainak said the corporation has done preliminary work for the WB project next year and is awaiting final approval from the government.

SL No. City Estimated Cost(In.crores)
1 Hubballi-Dharwad 763.00
2 Belagavi 427.00
3 Kalaburagi 489.00
4 Project Management and Technical Assistance for Sector Development 130.00
5 Total 1809.00
  • Based on the success of 24×7 water supply Demonstration Project, the proposal of up-scaling 24×7 water supply to the entire corporation areas of Belagavi, Kalaburagi and Hubballi-Dharwad at an estimated cost of Rs. 1809.00 Crores has been approved, vide Govt. Order No. UDD 244 PRJ 2013, dated 7.11.2013. The share of the World Bank is 67% (Rs. 1209.00 Crores).
  • Each project city will enter into a twelve-year contract with a private operator. The performance-based contract comprises a one-year period for planning (start-up period),a three-year investment period to transition to continuous supply and to build a well-run utility convert intermittent supply and an eight-year period of ongoing service delivery with continuous supply (sustaining period). The ULB operates the system during the start-up period and private operator takes over operations from the beginning of the transition period.


Sl No. Funding Agency US $ Million Rs. in crores %
1 World Bank 187 1209 67
2 State Share 20 130 7
3 ULB Share 72 470 26
4 TOTAL 279 1809 100

2019 –

Belagavi: The project estimated cost is Rs. 427 Cr. (capex) + Rs. 280 Cr. (opex) = Rs.707 Cr. Last date for submission of Financial and Technical Bids was 04.10.2019. Two bids received and Technical evaluation report submitted to World Bank on 14.11.2019. World Bank has raised certain Queries on technical evaluation report on 18.11.2019. Response to Queries in line with the clarification received from bidder on 25.11.2019 and compliance matrix with revised evaluation report submitted to World Bank on 30.11.2019. Compliance to 3rd interim response of World Bank dated:14.12.2019 was submitted on 23.12.2019. World Bank has issued NOC for Technical part of the bid on 05.02.2020 and M/s L&Ts Technical bid is responsive to the bid conditions and eligibility criteria’s and it is accepted. The Financial bid will be opened on 15.02.2020 at 16.00 Hrs.

2020 –

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) Construction has secured three engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) water management orders from the Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (KUIDFC).

The contracts are for design, build, operate, maintain and transfer of water supply systems in Hubballi-Dharwada, Kalaburagi and Belagavi cities of Karnataka for cost- effective and sustainable up-scaling to a continuous (24x seven) pressurised water supply. The projects are largely funded by the World Bank.

The projects aim to deliver continuous pressurised water supply (24X seven) to consumers and achieve target of NRW (Non-Revenue Water) by reducing losses through development of suitable water infrastructure and utility improvements.

The projects are designed to deliver water to about 29 lakh people. The aggregate scope covers design and construction of intake structures, water treatment plants, overhead service reservoirs, raw/clear water transmission and distribution pipelines, ground level storage reservoirs, pump houses, meter installation at house connections and other associated electromechanical, instrumentation a automation works including operation and maintenance.

The business has secured another EPC order from the Tiruchirappalli City Corporation to provide an underground sewerage scheme to added areas of the civic body (Phase-III). The scope of the project includes laying of sewer pipelines, construction of RCC manholes, pumping, lifting stations and providing sewer connections to households.

The value of the contract is between Rs 2,500 crore to Rs 5,000 crore.