Sunday, October 24, 2021
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Dismal Condition of Kanabargi Road

Lives of two-wheeler  riders , in particular, is at risk with wheels  of their vehicles almost getting stuck  in  potholes. Monsoon downpour during the previous week has exposed the quality of works that were implemented by Belagavi  City Corporation (BCC) and PWD across city.

Kanabargi road which was laid with bitumen have been damaged. Quality and quantity of bitumen used along with stone jelly while implementing the works is being seen.

Bitumen has been washed away, while stone jelly has been  lying  spread  along the road leading  to  skidding  of many  vehicles,  two-wheelers  in  particular. Mishaps on such roads have become the order of the day with people cursing the civic body for its in “efficient” quality of road works.

None of the elected representatives of civic body and officials are seen taking measures to ensure that contractors who had executed the works restore them. ALso many important roads like Congress Road, Khanapur road, RTO office road etc are glaring examples of roads  conditions.

Worst condition of Kanabargi KHB layout main road

Arterial roads in the city are in worse condition. for laying cables many roads have been dug up and kept open which also posing for danger during night time.

BCC and PWD has neither taken measures to repair the roads, nor has filled the potholes leaving it to residents to fend for themselves.

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