Demand to resume passenger train services in Belagavi

Demand to resume passenger train services in Belagavi

Express train service, which was stopped since March 22 due to lockdown, resumed after about two months. However, even after four and a half months, the passenger train service has not started, causing inconvenience to the passengers. Passengers are demanding immediate start of passenger services to overcome this inconvenience.

Railway services across the country were completely shut down for about two months due to the corona. After withdrawing the lockdown, 200 express trains were started with due diligence. However, two months after the launch of this service, the response from passengers has not been as good as expected. Therefore, the railways had to bear the loss. There are very few trains running in the state. As corona cases are currently on the rise across the state

Passenger trains will be able to start if the Corona cases comes under control and the state government demands it. After the relaxation of the lockdown, from May 4, all activities in Belagavi city gradually turning normal. Passengers from Raibag, Kudchi, Londa etc. use the passenger train to reach Belagavi city.
However, they have been facing inconvenience due to the suspension of passenger trains for the last four and a half months. Many have to come to work in Belagavi on private vehicles. The currently running express trains have been started with precautions. Only asymptematic passengers with masks are allowed to enter the railway station. Social distance is also being made mandatory. Passengers are demanding that passenger trains should be started with the same precautions.

“Precautions has been exercised as corona cases rising in the state. Express trains are currently running. The response of passengers is also low due to the corona. Request will be considered if the state government demands to start a passenger train” – Suresh Angadi, MoS, Railways

source – Sakal

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