Defence Service Corps Recruitment Rally at MLIRC Belagavi
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Defence Service Corps Recruitment Rally at MLIRC Belagavi

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A DSC Recruitment Rally for enrolment in the DSC is scheduled to be organized at The MARATHA LIRC, Belagavi wef 17 Jan 2022 for Soldier General Duty & Soldier Clerk for Ex-Servicemen of Regular Personnel.

2. The eligibility criteria are as under:

(a) The Candidates appearing should have served in the Maratha Light Infantry only.

(b) Character The character assessed at the time of discharge from former service should be EXEMPLARY or VERY GOOD

(C) Discipline The ESM eligible for enrolment in the DSC should not have the following –

More than two Red Ink Entries during entire former service Punished under Army Act Sec 34, 35, 36, 37 & 41(2) (on active service only).

Punishment awarded Red or Black Entry even extra guard and duties under army Sec 48 in last five yrs (11)

(iv) No Red Ink Entry in last three yrs of former service

(d) The Candidates should have completed minimum five years of colour service previously

(e) The date of re-enrolment should be within two years of retirement from former service.

(f) Medical Category should be SHAPE-1

(g) Cause of Discharge : The individual should have been discharged either on fulfilling terms of engagement / conditions of enrolment or at his own request.

(h) Education Should be Matric and above or ACE-Ill for non-Matric

(j) Age The age should be below 46 years for Soldier GD and 48 for Sol Cik

3. The documents required for the enrolment are as under

(a) Discharge Book in original.

(b) All Education Certificates.

(C) Caste Certificate issued by State Authorised Signatory.

(d) Domicile / Nativity Certificate duly signed by the Authorised Signatory of the State.

(e) Character Certificate with Official Stamp duly signed by the Village Sarpanch & Police Patil duly mentioning date of birth of the individual This certificate will be valid for six months from the date of issue.

(f) Family Photograph of all members with name, relationship and date of birth of each family member, duly attested by the Village Sarpanch or Authorised Signatory with his Stamp affixed and pasted on the reverse side of the Character Certificate

(g) Army Group Insurance Certificate

(h) Two sets of Photostat copies (Attested) of all Original Certificates.

(i) 15 copies of latest passport size colour photographs.

(j) Verification Certificate duly signed by the Superintendent of Police

4. The Candidates who are eligible for enrolment into the DSC, Soldier (General Duty / Clerk) to report to this Regiment Centre at 0700hr on 17 Jan 2022 to participate in the DSC Recruitment Rally

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