DCM Requests Rajnath Singh to let Karnataka Govt utilise 750 Acres for developing IT park in Belagavi

Deputy Chief Minister C.N. Ashwath Narayan on Friday requested Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to let the State government utilise 750 acres in Belagavi for the development of an IT park.

The full extent of 10,639 acres given by the State government to the Defence Ministry is not being used, and the IT park could result in employment opportunities to about six million, the Deputy Chief Minister, who also hold the IT portfolio, informed the Defence Minister during his meeting at Yelahanka air base.

He said that the IT park would be a big employment opportunity to students coming out of KLE society and IIT Dharwad.

A petition also said that the land is adjacent to national highway 4, and the IT-BT vision group and IT Department officials have opined that it is the best suited location. A note from Dr. Narayan’s office said Mr. Singh had responded positively to the plea, and has assured to look into the matter.

Abhay Patil’s Effort : Mla Abhay Patil had met DCM Ashwath Narayan in October 2019 regarding the same and submitted proposal and explained about the importance, DCM had responded positively. However after long gap minister has shown interest to develop IT park in Belagavi hence requested Defence minister to let state government utilise land for development of IT Park.

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Source : The Hindu

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