Darshan’s plea – Belagavi zoo recieves 2 lakhs donations in just 6 days

The superstar of Kannada film industry, the Challenging Star Darshan had recently uploaded a Video on social media which went viral on Saturday (June 5). Actor and the current ambassador of the Karnataka Forest Department, Darshan Thoogudeepa, has come out with a special message for the public wherein he appealed everyone to choose animal adoption.

There has been tremendous response for the message, Many of his fans started adopting animal’s from Zoos in the state. Within 6 days of a message, Zoo authorities recieved 2,22,300 donations in Belagavi’s Rani Chennamma Nisargadhama (Mini zoo). The donations/adoptions have crossed ₹1 crore in six days in the states zoos. the zoos of karnataka have received ₹1,00,47,900 in a total until June 11 (Friday).

Before appealing Messege from Darshan : Total of Rs.3,02,700 donations and adoptions were recieved in Belagavi zoo between 29 July 2020 to 4 june 2021, Before darshan’s plea.

The ZAK has thanked Mr. Darshan for his support at a time when the zoos are facing serious revenue crisis for the second successive year due to the pandemic.

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