CRS to inspect newly laid doubling line between Chikodi Road and Raybag stations on 24th Nov

Photo : Belagavi Railway (Twitter)

The Commissioner of Railway Safety will conduct inspection of newly laid double line between Chikodi Road and Raybag stations (13.94 Km) as a part of doubling between Londa-Miraj o­n 24th November, 2020.

Motor Trolley inspection of Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) will start at 9.30Hrs from Chikodi Road and end at Raybag at 12.30 Hrs o­n newly laid doubling track.
Speed trial at 130Kmph will be conducted o­n newly laid doubling track from 14.45 Hrs to 15.00 Hrs from Cut & connection in mid-section at Km-684 to Raybag station

Recent Achievement:

South Western Railway (SWR) has used the lockdown period to complete major track maintenance works, which has helped increasing the sectional speed (speed at which train runs) between stations. Maintenance of track is an integrated part of train operations and has a direct impact on both the safety of tracks as well as in maintaining the maximum permissible speed of the trains.

Maintaining the railway lines, points, crossings, sleepers and ballast for enhancing the safety, speed and reliability are being taken-up during the maintenance.
On SWR track maintenance works are being regularly carried out between Londa and Miraj section and Londa and Vasco sections of Hubli division.

Photo : Belagavi Railway (Twitter)

This facilitated increase in sectional speed from 100 Kmph to 110 Kmph.
Faster trains can be run now due to this enhancement of speed.

Works such as increase in super-elevation at curves, correction of transition length, through tamping, attending points and crossings with track machine named UNIMAT have been completed enabling this speed increase.

Recouping of Ballast to maintain cushion, recouping missing permanent way fittings have also been completed.

After inspection, Commissioner of Railway Safety has permitted increasing of sectional speed for 186 Km between Londa to Miraj and 19 Km between Sanvordem – Vasco of Hubli Division.

Details of increase in speed permitted by CRS is as below:

Londa – Miraj Section – 186 Km.

Between Km 559/450 to 745/200 from 105 Kmph to 110 kmph in Sanvordem – Vasco section – 19 Km.

Between Km 69.13 to 82.75 from 100 Kmph to 110 Kmph.

Between Km 92.50 to 99.30 from 100 Kmph to 110 Kmph.

Other Details:

Increasing speed on the section was undertaken under the direction of Shri Vipul Kumar, PCE/SWR.

The progress of work has been planned and monitored by Shri Arvind Malkhede, DRM/UBL and executed by the Branch officers of Hubli Division.

Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR has informed that increasing of speed on this section will improve mobility.

He stated that SWR is on Mission mode to remove bottlenecks of Permanent Speed Restrictions impeding speed of trains.

Source: South Western Railway-Press Release

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