Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Covid test centre sanctioned to Chikkodi : Mahantesh Kavatagimath

Responding to my plea, the chief ministers have sanctioned a Covid Test centre to Chikkodi and requested that the unit be opened at the women’s and children’s hospital in the city, said Vidhan Sabha chief whip Mahantesh Kavatagimath.

He planted a variety of medicinal plants in the town’s Tree Park for World Environment Day. Speaking at the occasion of Environment Day, There is a demand for the establishment of a medical college at Chikkodi too, as Belagavi district is the largest district in the state needs two medical institutions.

If Government sanctions Medical college, Chikkodi would get a hospital of capacity 750 to 1000 beds. The health Minister K Sudhakar responded positively for my request to sanction Medical college to Chikkodi said Kavatagimath

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