Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Cm BSY unveils ‘ICU on Wheels’ in Belagavi

After introducing oxygen buses in Belagavi recently, CM B S Yeddyurappa unveils ‘Saarige Suraksha’ (ICU on wheels) equipped with ventilators, ECG machines and other equipment on Friday in the premises of Suvarna Vidhana Soudha.

In the wake of the spread of the 2nd wave of the Covid-19, the NWKRTC has taken the public interest. The company has launched an ambulance named “Saarige Suraksha”.

The ‘Saarige Suraksha’ ambulance has been built in Hubballi’s NWKRTC workshop at a total cost of Rs. 7,88,000.

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Special treatment equipments in ambulance:

The “Saarige Suraksha” bus will accommodate four patients. Vehicle has four beds and is equipped with ICU. Each bed is equipped with an oxygen system. Also, Lights, Fans are fitted for better lighting and air circulation in the bus.

Each bed is equipped with storage shelf to store Medicines. Thermometer and oximeters are also provided. The vehicle has a separate chamber for Doctor/nurses in the duty.

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