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BUDA invites Tender for various works

Qualified 2nd grade and above contractors registered with PWD / CPWD ZP under e-Procurement Portal under the Standard Bid Document in Public Collections of Karnataka under the Belagavi Urban Development Authority can participate in e-tender.

Further information can be obtained from the Executive Engineers of Contractors, Belagavi Urban Development Authority, Belagavi during office hours. Telephone number: 0831-2470342 and can be accessed through the Internet at:

Name of the work

1) Drinking Water Supply in the Office premises Ramateerth Nagar Planning and Management for Period 2020-21 Year BUDA Scheme number 35 + 43 + 43A. Estimated amount Rs.18.95 Lakhs Advance Deposit of Rs. Of: 50,000, Duration: 12 Months,

2) Drinking Water Supply Management For the period 2020-21 BUDA Scheme Number 56 in Sri Kumaraswamy Layout Project on Drinking Water Supply. Estimated Amount Rs, Lakhs: 9.35 Advance Deposit In: 25,000, Duration: 12 Months.

3) Management of Streetlights For period 2020-21, Scheme number 35 in Ramateerth Project and Scheme number 56 in Shri Kumaraswamy layout project under the Belgaum Urban Development Authority. Estimated amount Rs. Lakhs: 23.10 Advance Deposit in Rs: 50,000, Duration: 12 Months.

Pricing of tender form as per e-procurement.

A) Last date for submission of tenders: till 4.00 pm on 13-11-2020

B) Opening of Financial Bid : 4.30 pm on 17-11-2020

  1. 1) Executive engineering, BUDA has all rights for Received the tender to approve or deny any or all tenders without any reason.
  2. 2) The application amount is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to any other work.
    3) Incomplete tenders will be rejected without any reason.
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