Benake asks Corporators to List-out problems of their wards within 2 days

The Mla of the Belagavi North Assembly constituency, Anil Benake, for the first time, held meeting with all Corporations of North Constituency on Sunday in the City Corporation Hall.

All the Corporators from 32 wards of the Northern Assembly constituency were present at the meeting. Members of Congress, BJP and MES-supported members attended the meeting.

MLA Anil Benake provided information on the administration of policing, the authority, rights, opportunities and privileges of city servants. Also he has discussed regarding keys for the development the northern wards.

‘Each corporator should list the problems of their respective wards and give it to officers or me within 2 days’ he asked Corporators.

“I will visit each ward based on the problems listed by each Corporators. The problem would be solved on the spot. Like Drainage – Road Repair, Drinking Water, Street Lighting, Electricity Supply, Garden Maintenance , Garbage – collection will be solved” said MLA Anil Benake.

“Another meeting will be held once Corporators lists problem of their respective wards. Corporation officials will also attend the meeting. Later we will visit wards and solve the issues” he said.

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