Belagavi’s Jaggery and Turmeric to get Brand Status

Agriculture department authorities should take immediate steps to find out the best jaggery and turmeric production units in the district and create a market for them by creating a ‘Brand’, District Commissioner M G Hiremath ordered.

He was speaking at a meeting of the District Level Agriculture, Commerce, Food Processing and Agricultural Export Development Committee meeting held on Wednesday for the Agriculture Department’s ‘Ondu Jille, Ondu Utpanna’ under Atma Nirbhar Bharat scheme, organized by the Agriculture Department on Wednesday.

Sugarcane is grown in more than 2.45 lakh hectares in the district. But as the number of sugar factories soared, jaggery producing mines were on the brink of extinction. Also, turmeric is not getting good market. Thus, both manufacturing units should be given high priority t. He suggested that a brand should be created to identify the district jaggery internationally.

Demand for Milk-Mango : There are good opportunities for setting up of Milk, Turmeric, Mango etc. processing plant in the district. There are many opportunities for the production of various by-products from the Mango Processing Plant. Only non-agricultural units have access to loans for established units. The officer should keep this in mind said District Collector Hiremath.

Formulate an Extended Plan : Under ‘Ondu Jille, Ondu Utpanna’ scheme 100% help will be provided by the Central Government for the first year. Therefore, all relevant departmental authorities should prepare a comprehensive plan as soon as possible. It has to be sent to the central government. He said the development of the food processing plant would be easier for the bank in the coming days simply by providing loans.

Encouragement and Support : Joint Director of Agriculture Department Sivanagouda Patil said, “All crops or products will be promoted to facilitate correct price. “Mysore CFTRI has a technology for making jaggery powder and liquid jaggery, which will be reviewed for use in the district,” he said.

Tukkanatti KVK scientist D.C. Dr. Chawla, Joint Director of the District Industrial Center, Dr. Cellphone Showroom Various department officials including Kolekar and Lead Bank Manager Rahul were present at the meeting.

Establishment of Farmer Productivity Organization: Establishment of Farmer Producer Organization with the objective of facilitating market, government facilities and cohesion among farmers. NABARD should help farmers in their economic development. When selecting jaggery or a turmeric treatment plant as a second option, NABARD should consult with other financial institutions. Another meeting will be held shortly and a final decision will be taken, said District Collector MG. Hiremath pointed out.

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