Belagavi to be Employment destination in NK under ‘Beyond Bengaluru’
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Belagavi to be Employment destination in NK under ‘Beyond Bengaluru’

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Government of Karnataka aims to transform Belagavi into an Employment destination in North Karnataka under the Beyond Bengaluru initiative.

Dr. C N AshwathNarayan, Minister of Science and Technology, Higher Education & Information Technology, Biotechnology of Karnataka has asked Entrepreneurs, innovators, students and women entrepreneurs of Kundanagari Belagavi to share their idea’s, advices in order to take further action based of the demands and requirements.

Minister tweeted on Thursday calling for Entrepreneurs, innovators, students and women entrepreneurs of Belagavi to send in their inputs on the same.

So, people who want their suggestions on to be heard by the Minister need to send across their inputs with the hashtag #StartupTalkWithDrAshwath on C N Ashwath Narayan’s Twitter or Facebook pages.

Belagavi as Employment Destination :

An ambitious project to develop startup and IT BT startups in North Karnataka, Under the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM), Belagavi will be made hub for North Karnataka in the three selected clusters. Currently Bengaluru is a hub which is exacerbated by many problems, including increased population, traffic congestion and lack of housing. On the other hand, development in other major cities in the state is slowing and the number of migrants to Bangalore is increasing. To address this, the KDEM project is being expanded to other major cities in the state.

Three clusters have been identified for the program. Mysuru, Mangaluru and Belagavi-Hubballi-Dharward clusters.

Belagavi situated at an equal distance of 500 Kms from Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad. And has best Air, Rail connectivity. Belagavi has a number of Engineering, Medical Colleges. Against this backdrop, there is no shortage of manpower for technology-based enterprises and Goa is very nearest destination and there are many tourist spots in and around Belagavi. This would attract more employees to Belagavi.

Collaboration with VTU : The Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) in Belagavi is involved in many social activities and is currently leading the KDEM project implementation. The blueprint for the KDEM project is being prepared in Belagavi. Discussions and conferences are will be held in collaboration with VTU shortly.

What’s Beyond Bengaluru ? Beyond Bengaluru is an initiative by the Government of Karnataka to promote emerging technology clusters in Tier II & III cities across the State. This is supported by strategic policy interventions and by creating a dynamic ecosystem with sharp focus on infrastructure development, increasing the talent availability and bettering market access. It is expected that such initiatives should lead to increasing demand from IT/GCC/ESDM companies to spread their wings in Tier II & III cities.

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