Belagavi, the Rain City of Karnataka
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Belagavi, the Rain City of Karnataka

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Belagavi is a charming city of Karnataka that has emerged as a popular holiday destination over the years. Tourism in Belagavi is featured with natural bliss, pleasant climate and a delighting aura that every traveler desires to see and experience at least once a life time.

The city witness beautiful rainfalls and owing to this feature, the land is also referred as the Rain City or Malendu. Besides, the city has ample options of home stay that offers perfect relaxing stay for travelers making their tour to Belagavi an enduring holiday.

Belagavi is one of the oldest cities of Karnataka. Belagavi city is geographically located in the Belagavi district in the North-western region of Karnataka in South India. Belgaum lies at the foothills of the Western Ghats which offers lush vegetation in the area. This geographical setting provides mesmerizing visions to tourists enjoying a trip to Belagavi.

The city in the past was under the rule of Marathas. Besides, the city has grand historical significances and connections that add a touch of royalty to the land. According to archaeological researches, the land is also referred as Venugrama or the Bamboo village. Thus, the city owing to its charms and glories has wide range of titles.

The wide range of tourist attractions in Belagavi district that serve as the must see for travelers. Some of the most popular and highly frequented tourist attractions of Belagavi are: Beagavi Fort, Kamala Basti, St. Mary’s Church, Mahadeva temple, Kapileshwara Temple, Safa Mosque, Gokak falls, Rakaskop, Jamboti, and many waterfalls. All these tourist places of Belagavi offer travelers a ride across stunning visual glories. Besides these charming natural and architectural glories, the city also offer comfortable travel and stay for tourists enjoying Belagavi tourism.

The city is well connected to the rest of the country through all major modes of transportation including rail, road and airlines. The city is also well accomplished with wide range of resorts and hotels. The hotels in Belagavi are available in wide range of budgets including both cheap and luxury hotels. Thus, a holiday to Belagavi is easy affordable for all budget travelers. Experience all the charms of the land and enjoy an enduring tour to Belagavi.

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